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Medical Question

A medical question is asked to have better understanding of a medical condition and other common medical problems. From hygiene to medications, from first-aid to disease prevention, people seek answers to common medical questions or concerns that they experience or observe on a regular basis. A medical question can be readily answered by a physician but there are examples of medical question that do not need the expertise of professional medical practitioners.

An ordinary medical question that does not need specific diagnosis or clinical consideration can be answered by simply researching about it in books and other reference sources. However, if you want to more comprehensive and detailed answers for your medical question, you can use a specialised medical practitioner.

At, you can find directory listings of various medical service providers that can help with your medical question.


Medical Question Articles

A Question Of Faith

Colette Livermore devoted herself to Mother Teresas order at the age of 18 but ultimately could not abide by its absolute rules. She tells JOANNE McCARTHY what prompted her to turn away and why she has written about the experience.

Whingers Not Needed

Whingers not needed My question is directed to the 300 or so permanently negative objectors in our city.

Fatal Shooting Raises Old, Unanswered Question

A 15-year-old's death must force another look at police training.

Victoria Leads Global Leukaemia Study

WHEN a child is diagnosed with leukaemia, his or her mother often asks herself the terrible, unwelcome question: "Was it because of something I did during pregnancy?"

Taser Safety In Question

FEW people would deny that Tasers can save lives. Deployed instead of a firearm as a last resort against a dangerous assailant, the electro-shock weapon must be regarded as an excellent option for law enforcers and, potentially, for the people being subdued.